Dog Show Placing Judge
Ellie Boston 2nd Limit John Hicks
  Southern GRC 1st Limit  
  CRUFTS 3rd Limit Henrick Frykstrand
  Eastern Counties 3rd Limit Hilary Lambshead
  GRC of Scotland 1st Limit Ron Hare
  Northern GR 2nd Limit John Moxon
  South West GRC 1st Limit Marlene Silence
Rodney CRUFTS 1st Open Pat Tuck
  Border Union 3rd Open Lynsey Maynard
Bobby Boston 2nd Junior, 2nd Yearling Liz Keene
  GRCN 3rd Undergraduate Gillian Wicklow
  Manchester 2nd Junior, 2nd Yearling Paula Edwards
  GRC of Wales 3rd Junior, 3rd Undergraduate, Mervin Philpott
  Eastern Counties 3rd Undergraduate Sue Russell
  Scottish Breeds 3rd Yearling, 2nd Undergraduate Graham Scott
  Yorkshire 3rd Undergraduate John Thirlwell
  GRC of Scotland 3rd Junior, 3rd Undergraduate Alistair Scott
  Ulster 2nd Junior, 1st Yearling, 2nd Graduate  
  Derby County 1st Junior, this gave him his Junior Warrant Teresa Ewart
  Welks 1st Junior, 3rd Yearling, 3rd Graduate Pat Arnold
  Border Union 1st Undergraduate Lynsey Maynard
Megan Boston 1st Minor Puppy, 2nd Puppy John Hicks
  GRCN 1st Minor Puppy, 1st Puppy, BPIS Sue Loach
  Southern GRC 3rd Minor Puppy  
  GRC of Wales 2nd Minor Puppy, 2nd Maider, 2nd Novice Liz Keene
  Eastern Counties 2nd Puppy, 2nd Debutante,2nd Novice, 3rd UG Hilary Lambshead
  Derby County 1st Puppy, BP, PG1 and RBPIS Teresa Ewart
  Northern GR 2nd Puppy, 2nd debutante, 3rd Tyro,3rd Undergraduate John Moxon
  South West GRC 3rd Maiden, 3rd Novice, 2nd Graduate Marlene Silence
  Southern Counties 1st Puppy, 1st Junior, 1st Maiden Sue Barnes
  Ripon 1st Junior, 1st Yearling, BOB, This gave her her JW Hilary Male
  Border Union 3rd Junior Keill Svenson


Dog Show Placing Judge
Ellie Southern GR 3rd limit       Roy Marnard
  Crufts 1st limit Marlene Sillence
  GRCN 3rd limit Isobel Cuthill
  Birmingham 3rd limit Mal Watkins
  Bath 1st limit , CC, BOB  Shirley Boothroyd
Rodney Southern GR 1st Open Liz Pope
  Yorkshire GR 2nd open Glenis Hewitson
  GRCN 3rd open Ann Woodcock
  Birmingham 1st open Res CC  Sue Brown
  Paignton 1st open Chris Parish
Jester Southern GR 1st Junior Liz Pope
  Crufts 2nd Yearling Margaret Woods
  Scottish Breeds 2nd Yearling Bob Lane
  GRCN 1st Yearling   Ann Woodcock
  Birmingham 2nd Yearling   Sue Brown
  SKC   2nd Yearling  Eileen Allan-Rossiter
  Bath 3rd Yearling Henryk Frystrand
Breeze East of England 2nd Post Graduate John Thirlwell
Dog Show Placing Judge
Mistee Scottish Breeds 1st in Open Sue Barnes
Breeze Scottish Breeds 2nd in Graduate Sue Barnes
  GRC of Scotland 3rd in Graduate Kim Ellis
  GRCN 3rd in Graduate Lynn Hennessy
Ellie Boston 1st in Post Graduate & RCC Wendy Gunner
  GRC of Wales 1st in Mid Limit Pat Arnold
  Ulster 1st in Limit Catherine Zingg
  Bath 1st Limit, CC, BOB and Group 2  
Rodney Boston 1st in Yearling Lynsay Maynard
  Manchester 3rd in Yearling Dr. J. James
  GRC of Wales 1st in Yearling Liz Keene
  Southern GRC 2nd in Yearling Barbara Mills
  GRC of Scotland 1st in Graduate, CC & RBIS Paula Edwards
  Ulster 1st in Graduate Catherine Zingg
  Northwest GRC 1st in Graduate Fiona Thurm
  Welks 1st in Graduate Ann Falconer
  GRCN 1st in Graduate Heather Morss
Jester Scottish Breeds 1st in Minor Puppy, 1st in Puppy, 1st in Maiden, 1st in Novice & BPD Berryll Liggins
  GRC of Scotland 3rd in Minor Puppy Paula Edwards
  Ulster 1st in Minor Puppy, 1st in Puppy, 1st in Maiden, 1st in Novice & BPIS Catherine Zingg
  Welks 2nd in Minor Puppy, 2nd in Puppy Ann Falconer
  GRCN 1st in Minor Puppy, 2nd in Puppy, 2nd in Novice Heather Morss
Bobby SKC 2nd Minor Puppy Allen Rossiter
  Border Union 2nd Minor Puppy Barbara Keighley
  Welsh KC 2nd Puppy, 2nd Maiden, 2nd Novice, 2nd Debutante Pauline Barnes
  Gundog Society of Wales 2nd Puppy, 2nd Maiden, 2nd Novice,  
  Chester le Street 1st Puppy, Junior, Novice,BP,PG1 & RBPIS Bridget Brodie
R.C. Kinsey
  Midland Golden 2nd Puppy Bill Orzel
  Berkshire Downs & Chiltern GR 1st Junior, 2nd Maiden, 2nd Novice, 1st Undergraduate John Tiranti
  Gundogs Breeds of Scotland 3rd Yearling Viv Jones


Dog Show Placing Judge
Tia GRC Wales BVIS Janet Buckingham
  Southern GRC BVIS Catherine Zingg
  GRC 2nd in Veteran Bernard Catteral
Mistee Border Union 2nd Open Ann Banks
  National Gundog 1st in Open CC Cynthia Mackay
Breeze Scottish Breeds 2nd in Yearling Sue Ross
  GRCN 2nd in Yearling Val Foss
Ellie GRC Wales 3rd in Mid Limit Janet Buckingham
  Southern GRC 1st in Mid Limit Catherine Zingg
  Scottish Breeds 3rd in Post Graduate Sue Ross
  North West GRC 1st in Mid Limit & RCC Shirley Bootroyd
  GRCN 1st in Mid Limit Val Foss
  Northern GRC 3rd in Mid Limit Margaret Woods
  Berkshire Down 3rd in Mid Limit Sue Russel
  Midlands GRC 3rd in Mid Limit Rachel Rains
  LKA 3rd in Mid Limit Ann Hagger
Rodney Manchester 1st in Puppy Arnold Ryder
  Southern GRC 1st in Puppy, 1st in Novice Pat Arnold
  Scottish Breed 1st in Junior Kaith Greenwood
  North west GRC 2nd in Junior, 2nd in Novice, 3rd in Undergraduate Jim Richardson
  Birmingham 2nd in Junior Barbara Keighley
  United Retriever 3rd in Junior Joyce Ryder
  GRC 1st in Junior Pauline Comer
  National Gundog 1st in Junior & RCC Gillian Wicklow
  Driffield 2nd in Junior A. Moss
  Northern GRC 3rd in Yearling Jean Taylor
  Gundog Society of Wales 1st in Yearling George Henessy
  Midlands GRC 3rd in Yearling Malcolm Godefroy
  LKA 2nd in Yearling Sue Brown


Dog Show Placing Judge
Mistee Yorkshire GRC 2nd Limit Janet Bradwell
  NWGRC 2nd Limit Sheila Moxon
  Ulster GRC 1st Limit CC & BIS John Lennon
  This win gave her the title of Show Champion    
  WELKS 3rd Limit Ferelith Somerfield
  GRC of Northumbria 1st Limit CC & BIS Roy Maynard
  Birmingham 2nd Limit Lyn Anderson
Breeze Consett Open Show B.P. PG1 & RBPIS  
  North & South Shields B.P. PG1 & RBPIS  
  North West GRC 2nd in Puppy, Maiden & Novice Sheila Moxon
  WELKS 1st Puppy & Best Puppy in Breed Ferelith Somerfield
  GRC of Northumbria 1st Puppy, Maiden, Novice & Best Puppy in Show Roy Maynard
  Bath 1st Puppy, 2nd Junior, Best Bitch Puppy Barbara Keighley
  Border Union 1st Puppy, 3rd Junior, 2nd Novice, Best Puppy in Breed Sue Russell
  Blackpool 2nd Puppy, 3rd Junior Gordon Talbot
  Alnwick Open Show 1st Junior, 1st Graduate, 1st Open Gerry Agnew
  These wins gained her Junior Warrant    
Ellie Boston Ch. Sh. 1st Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed, qualified in last 4 for BPIS Ton Hird
  GRC Of Northumbria Open 1st Sp. Junior Wilma Gibson
  Crufts 3rd Puppy Viv Jones
  GRC of Northumbria 1st Graduate and res. Best in Show Mary Common
  SKC 1st Graduate John Moxon