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Sue and the dogs


We owned our first Golden Retriever in 1983 and began showing in 1988, having admired this lovely breed for many years previously. Our affix "Alibren" is made up from the respective chrisitan names of our mothers, which is most appropriate as the support of our family has been a great factor in allowing us to compete and enjoy success with our dogs. We live in a small village in the north of England.

Our Goldens are first and foremost our pets from whom we receive great pleasure both in and out of the show ring. Although our family and professional commitments have prevented us from working/competing with our own dogs, we are proud of the many "Alibrens" with awards at working tests and field trials. Our aim is to ensure that we continue to maintain a breeding programme producing sound, typical Golden Retrievers conforming to the breed standard.

Sue & Dave Towers